Bath and shower cornice systems from stainless steel and bronze

We produce exclusive cornices from stainless steel and bronze. Solving any task we face up in relation to bath and shower cornice systems and their adaptation for various (even non-standard) shower or bath facilities is of major importance for us. Current time we are living-in is the one, where less and less standards prevail and need for exclusiveness and high-quality increases. Sector of SPA services and leisure is expanding. Often people select spaces that feature non-standard dimensions, like LOFT interior style, minimalistic interior solutions, and faces problems when fitting shower cornice systems. Originality is not an easy task when there is not much to choose of.

Our company is already working on the market for a long time. Spotting a new niche on the market, we rushed to fill it in and started production of exclusive stainless steel and bronze cornices. Big companies create goods for the masses often not thinking about paying more attention to quality issues. Whereas we observe and analyse market needs, later join the work of design specialists and technologists, in order to satisfy client needs at the maximum extent. Thus, if you want exceptional attention to your needs, high-quality interior solutions, or simply a consultation, that is, what we can offer.

If you are equipping your bathroom, you must have already noticed that most of the offered shower and bath cornices are produced from plastic or aluminium. Does it satisfy Your needs? If not, that You have entered the right website.

Stainless steel and bronze cornices distinguish as they are produced from highest quality metals that imply durability and resistance to environmental factors. Moisture level in bathroom is considerably higher, thus it is worth selecting cornices from stainless steel and bronze. Metals employed for production of cornices and their fastening parts are machined by the help of the up to date technologies. Most of parts are produced and machined manually, in order to achieve perfect quality. We cooperate with the best national specialists, so we are sure that we provide the best offer. Metal is polished to brilliance by the help of special machines. All of this is intended in order to match other bathroom accessories. Stainless steel and bonze cornices provide solidity for the bathroom, they look lightweight, are stable and durable. They do not move when curtains slide down the cornice despite the length of the cornice. Curtain slides through all fixtures and angles easily. You do not have to bother about the unstable cornice or its fastening system. All you experience is satisfaction every time you use the product. These metals do not look cheap.

Parts are machined so smoothly that you can even feel warmth when keeping in your hands.

 No feeling of false!

Our mission

Our mission is production of stainless steel and bronze cornice systems that would allow implementation of unique bath and shower facility interior solutions and would ensure construction stability and 100 per cent accuracy.


Our strategy is to endeavour comprehensive progress in the sphere of production and services, to extend available assortment in respect of customers’ needs, to increase market share, and to constantly improve company business results.

Our values

    • Professionalism
    • Dynamism
    • Reliability
    • Partnership

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