D-shaped bath cornices

D-shaped bath cornices is the best selection for equipping bath facility when you have one wall and there are no other supports. Drawing included within the package shall help you hang the cornice easily. All parts are 100 per cent accurately joined and form a rigid and unanimous structure. On your request, we can also produce a solid cornice.

By ordering goods, you can select this cornice from stainless steel or bronze. Curtains may be selected with stainless steel and bronze accessories, including rings and runners.

These metals are machined by special technologies. Stainless steel is polished to brilliance, in order to match to other bathroom accessories. Bronze is polished, in order to get the closest look of gold and to create the style of luxurious classics. Most of parts are produced and machined manually, in order to achieve perfect quality.


  • 70x150x70 cm
  • 70x160x70 cm
  • 70x170x70 cm
  • 70x180x70 cm